Bilateral fund

Fund for Bilateral Relations – at national level

The Bilateral Relations Fund represents a flexible source of support for common interest initiatives for entities from donor states as well as for entities from beneficiary states (Romania), which will contribute to the consolidation of cooperation between public or private organizations from Romanian and Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein. The Fund is looking at consolidating the contact, cooperation and knowledge at all levels, administrative, political and cultural, between Romanian and the donors.

The Bilateral Relations Fund’s budget, managed by the NFP, is 10.050.000 EUR, representing approximately 2% from the total allocation for Romania for the 2014-2021 period and is distributed as follows:

  • National Focal Point fund: 7,4 mil. EUR;
  • Programme Operators fund supporting bilateral initiatives: 2,65 mil. EUR.

The Bilateral Relations Fund will be implemented through predefined projects and open calls.  For more information about the Bilateral Fund, managed by the National Focal Point, regarding eligible activities, Project Promoters and eligible Partners, please visit: www.eeeagrants.ro/relatii-bilaterale.


Bilateral Fund

The National Focal Point monitors and verifies the utilization of the Bilateral Relations Fund allocated to Programme Operators, based on the regulations and agreements for programme implementation.

The Bilateral Relations Fund (at Programme level) (BRF) is constituted and utilized according to chapter 4 of the Regulations, being financed by the National Bilateral Fund (FBN). The allocated amount for MoIA by MoU is 250.000 EUR. The amount can be utilized for financing activities according to article 8.8 of the Regulation.

A part of Bilateral Fund is reserved for predefined activities conducted by the Programme Operator in cooperation with the Programme Donor Partners, while the other part is intended for financing the PO’s or Project Promotor’s initiatives, as well as program/project donor partners with the aim of strengthening bilateral cooperation between Romania and Norway.

Financing from Bilateral Fund is exclusively for activities that will contribute to strengthening bilateral relationships between Romania and Norway, such as, but without limiting to, covering of costs associated with specific events in Romania with Norwegian partners, travel and expense costs (for meetings, cooperation committees, evaluations, new partnerships, etc.) as well as financing specific requests from MoIA structures dedicated to bilateral issues (meetings, working groups for new initiative).