Programme Operator

Ministry of Internal Affairs

Revolution Square, No.1A, 010086, Sect.1, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Phone: +4021/303.70.80

Website: www.mai.gov.ro

Designated structures

Nonrefundable External Funds Directorate
General management of the programme

Revolution Square, No. 1A, 010086, Sect.1, Bucharest, ROMANIA

Phone: +4021/264.87.64, +4021/303.70.80, int. 11010, 11652

Fax: +4021/206.09.05

Email: granturi@mai.gov.ro

Irregularities reporting

Email: nereguli.norvegian@mai.gov.ro

General Financial Directorate
Financial management of the programme

Eforie Street, Nr.3, 050036, Sect.5, Bucharest, ROMÂNIA

Phone: +4021/264.86.48, +4021/303.70.80, int. 10405, 10578

Fax: +4021/264.86.94

Email: norvegian.dgf@mai.gov.ro